The Heck does THAT say?!


Have you ever tried to read someone else’s handwriting and failed? How many times have you seen someone’s signature and were convinced it was simply a well-practiced, although unintelligible scribble? Ever tried to make sense of that chicken scratch and only succeed in deciphering gibberish?

Who hasn’t?

Well, now we’ve made a game of it! “The Heck does THAT say?!” is a fast-paced dice game where each player attempts to figure out the phrase built by arranging dice with various scribbles on them. The trouble, however, is that what YOU see may not always be what the Phrase-maker sees. With only a short time to decrypt the dice, players often have to go with their first-best guess. This, of course, is sure to lead to wild answers and lots of laughs.


Potential roll of the dice… the heck does THAT say?!


Smaller than a deck of cards, “The Heck does THAT say?!” can be taken and played anywhere there is a surface to roll the dice on. School lunch room? Check. Bar? Check. River rafting on the Colorado? …well, probably not, but you can play it on shore!

One of the best things about “The Heck does THAT say?!” is that it can be played with any number of players (as long as that number isn’t one)! So gather your friends, decipher the dice, and have a great time with some horrible handwriting!